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These photographs were taken at Microsoft shortly after they moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to the 8th floor of the Old National Bank building on Northeast 8th Street in Bellevue, Washington. Bob Wallace invited me to take photographs with the agreement of Bill Gates. I was allowed free access to the entire facility. These photographs were taken in November 1979.

Microsoft did software development on a DECsystem 2020 (Digital Equipment Corporation) a 36 bit minicomputer. The hardware lab included many brands of computers where Microsoft Basic, Fortran or Cobol were ported and tested.

People in the photos include; Randyl Britten, Michael P. Courtney, Bill Gates, Bob Greenberg, Jim Lane, Gordon Letwin, Andrea Lewis, Marc McDonald, Bob O'rear, Bob Wallace, Marla Wood, Steve Wood. I need help identifying the others.

The camera I used was a Mamiya 645 1000S with an 80mm f/2.8 lens. The film used was Ektachrome 64. There are 27 transparencies in the collection. The slides were scanned with Epson V750 Pro at 4800dpi. I had to hand make a special carrier for the cardboard mounted transparencies as a result the scans are not perfect. I would recommend removing the transparencies from their cardboard mounts and then scan them with a drum scanner.

1. I would like to sell the entire collection of original transparencies.

2. I am seeking an agency to license these photographs.

3. I am seeking a book publisher to license the photographs.

I have photographs of the early days (1970's) of the Northwest Computer Society, Pacific Science Center Computer Fair, Northwest Computer Society Computer Fair. If you are interested please inquire.

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